Since the launch of a Reddit thread, the internet has scouted hundreds of locations that are perfect for a Wes Anderson film with users from all over the world sharing their pics of hotels, buildings, sceneries and even people. In making Grand Budapest Hotel, the 48-year old director traveled to five countries in search of the perfect location. For his next film, he can start by going to Reddit “Accidental Wes Anderson”, surfing among the suggestions of 37000 subscribers and their reminiscents of films like Moonrise Kingdom, The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore.

One of the popular entry shows a pair of buildings photographed in Vietnam by the Korean photographer Sunghee Lee. Carl and Burton were identical twins, except for the fact that Carl was left handed, and Burton preferred the right. However, Carl lived in the right house and Burton lived in the left. Finland, Austria, Guatemala and Italy are just some of the countries involved in the list that seem to follow three aesthetic elements that define Wes Anderson's style: color, symmetry and absurdity. But one of the very best scenario  is a millennial pink station in Singapore.

New posts are being added all the time, most of them introducing even potential characters for his next production, like a pretty shot of a girl in Mongolia. Don't miss out all the places that actually look like a Wes Anderson film and find unconventional inspirations for your next travel destinations.

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