Three years after the release of their self-titled 2014 debut, North Carolina indie-pop duo Sylvan Esso is back with What Now, a collection of emotional and personal songs. “A choose-your-own-adventure of catharsis” says Amelia Meath while Nick Sanborn explains the title: “I realized that What Now was the phrase I woke up with in my head, more than any other. I think it was the mantra of this year of realizing that nothing is ever really over. I started out thinking we got everything we wanted on paper”. 

Recorded and produced during 2016, the new sophomore record has a bolder approach to the band’s original formula and shares deep/poltical messages. What Now describes the inevitable low that comes after every high, fulfillment tempered by the knowledge that there is no clearly defined conclusion. From falling in love and learning that it won’t save you to the over sharing of information and the fine line between self-awareness andnarcissism; from meeting one’s own personal successes to the crushing realization that no progress can ever feel permanent. 

“I had it all planned that way before you met me / Was gonna leave early and so swiftly / Maybe in a fire or crash off a ravine / People would weep, "How tragic, so early" / I was gonna die young / Now I gotta wait for you, hun”. From Die Young, the third track Sylvan Esso has shared after the appropriately named, catchy "Radio" and "Kick Jump."

These could be all the sounds you’ll need this week.

Listen here.

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