New York, the brand new single launched by Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, sees the direction of British talent Alex Da Corte, a rising star on the international art scene, born in Camden and based in Philadelphia.


He usually works with objects and materials that are detached from their original function to give them new potential both symbolically and formally. In working with these objects, Da Corte tries to put aside his own touch in order to reveal and locate the previous touches, the objects own story. Objects can even act as stand-ins for people: they represent another kind of language that we can pair together to create these sentences that turn into poetry. 


His passion for the pop-art tradition and the feeling for colours as well as a sense of how the high-aesthetic may also contain a sense of humour are strongly underlined in St. Vincent new music video New York where objects and materials are set into a world of bizarre happenings and colourful atmospheres. The video forms a surreal and dream-like narrative based on different perceptions of New York, remaining true to his distinctive style of production.

 “I think a lot of people have different ideas of what New York is, and there is no one right idea or true idea,” Da Corte spoke to Pitchfork about the video inspiration. “My entry into what the city was or how to depict it is to kind of cull from some of the sculptures that have always interested me in that city which are the Alamo Cube on Astor Place and The Wall —the beam sculpture called The Wall that Annie sits on… they in themselves depict a very simple, formal idea of a city.”

From his recent SlowGraffiti piece, to directing multiple music videos for Blood Orange, Alex Da Corte has become really popular worldwide for his vibrant artwork, appearing at institutions in Vienna, Mass MoCA in North Adams and the Whitney Museum in New York. “What’s really special about making a music video is that it can be shared so quickly and so broadly,” Alex continues. “Everyone can have access to it. It’s really free.”

Watch St. Vincent's new song New York.

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