Office and residence of an architect, this amazing building located in Rajagiriya Sri Lankaa, keeps the indoor temperature several degrees cooler than outdoors thanks to built and landscape strategies that create a particular microclimate. Welcome inside Studio Dwellingan amazing structure where reality runs beyond expectations and contradictions play their role in redefining beauty.

Palinda Kannangara Architects has developed a green project where the reality of scenery is not submitted by climate and technology doesn’t incarcerate primordial feelings. Conceived like a fortification and made with locally available materials, interior structure design reveals a contemporary home with refined and simple furnishings featured no windows to let spaces be enveloped by nature. Although located near a series of high-rise buildings and close to the main road, this “hidden” place puts silence against noise, emptiness against congestion, simplicity against complexity.

 Completely energy independent, Studio Dwelling fits naturally even into its tropical surroundings, using tectonic techniques, double walls, louver systems, green roofs and courtyards. Its three floors include home (kitchen, rooms, bathrooms, suites) and studio (meeting area, lounge, library) with many areas for living, work and leisure. But most surprisingly, each space has its own courtyard and “sky” with wild and unexpected views. The design also takes into account its location by the water, creating a garden that regulates and re-uses storm water preventing the living/workspaces from flooding. 

The architectural project signed by Palinda Kannangara focuses on recreating the space, combining design and lifestyle beyond client’s expectations and sensibility. Society, culture and nature of Sri Lanka require architects to considered buildings as sanctuaries from the stresses of modern society with ecologically sensible solutions applied to urban design.

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