With their contagious energy and their explosive groove, the Italian XF10 winners Soul System make their unmistakable comeback with a new single named "Liquido", a tribute to the pupular Nineties hit "Narcotic". 

The song comes after another super hit “It's like a star” (already a golden disc), introducing the upcoming new album of thirteen songs. “We have experienced many musical suggestions, from funkcky to pop, from refined music to fusion, from disk music to R & B, to hip hop, there is a bit of everything”, told the band.

Join this summer pool party with Leslie Sackey, Ziggy, David Yeboah, Alberto e Joel and have a look at their eccentric yet causal style wearing Haikure must-haves from Men's Spring Summer 2017 Collection. Here's the music video and don't forget to make a splash in the iconic Haikure Tokyo Slim Rocky Denim.

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