His images are saturated with noise and activity – characteristics particularly well-illustrated in the project Here, For Now. “I wanted to show the condition of the many people who contribute in making the city of Dhaka work and grow, but who themselves have no fixed homes,” said young Bangladeshi photographer Hadi Uddin.


He grew up working in his father’s commercial studio that took passport photographs. But learning technical skills wasn't enough for this rare talent in search of creativity. So in 2010, after graduating with an MA in Business Studies from Bangladesh’s National University in Jessore, he moved to Dhaka starting a fashion photographer career for Canvas, a culture magazine from the Middle East. “I have this urge to experiment with my personal work. I try to do new things, go to unknown places and explore modes of storytelling that I have previously been unaccustomed to” said Uddin. His “liberal use of flash” gives his work an unapologetically bold style with a rare and vivid vision of his personal work. “I like to depict these moments in an exaggerated manner and sometimes the photograph comes out raw.”


Here, For Now shows a series of magical but real moments like dirty mosquito net, a sweet kiss in the neighbourhood, goats having sex, naked crying babies, a loving couple, angry lady yelling. Uddin photography travels between documentary and fiction and now, more than ever, his style is forgetting fashion editorials for taking more time on freelance commissions, documenting the streets of Bangladesh.

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