Frank Herfort is a young and talented German photographer born in Leipzig (EastGermany) and grew up with a spontaneous interest for Russia where he permanently lived from 2006 till 2012. “My life history is more based on and connected to the eastmore than to the west” said Herfort who is actually splitting his time between Berlin and Moscow.

“I love the unpredictable things. There is not a lot of them in our life these days. But in Russia you never know what is going to happen”. He has journeyed to the most remote areas of theformer Soviet Union, spending years traveling all over Russia and the former Soviet territories, from metropolises to remote rural zones, visiting 20 citiesto captured the bizarre architecture of the post-Soviet era. The result is a series of original, authentic and surreal images from thefascinating worlds of super rich and super poor Russia.

The main focusis on everyday life, people, architecture, interior and apparently banaldetails in order to perceive the contrasts and contradictions of life in modern Russia. In his photo series named ‘Time In Between – Fairy Tale Of Russia’, people are captured in their spontaneous behaviours, surrounded by austere Soviet buildings in a gloomy yet romantic atmosphere. “In Western Europe everything is so neatly defined, so specific, but here, none of them seems at first sight to know what they are doing there”. 

His artistic sensibility demonstrates a singular talent for documentary storytelling combined with social realism. A style defined ironic, questioning and hyper-real. Take a look.


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