Australia-based designer and visual artist Domenic Bahmann is an expert at working with symmetry and humor. The multidisciplinary visual artist and designer (1981) is born in Munich, Germany and currently lives and works in Canberra, Australia.


His various editorial illustrations and conceptual images have become infamous for their funny arrangements and composition. The clever miniaturized arrangements of easily recognizable symbols are probably his most eye-catching work that communicate simple ideas tastefully and humorously. They’re like a small and self-contained joke or statement from every-day objects.  “The miniatures and installations represent real-life situations in a playful way”, tells Domenic.  “This illustration style hasn’t been used in magazine so much yet”, talking about one of his latest illustrations for Australian House & Garden Magazine.


Domenic Bahmann works as an artist and designer creating visual content and art for campaigns, websites, apps and magazines. His work has been featured on many design websites and magazines including Time Magazine, New Scientist Magazine, and The Independent. "Art and design thinking goes hand in hand. It is important to engage both types of thinking in a creative process. Art allows me to explore new perspectives. It creates new directions of how I approach design."

Look closely. It never gets boring. “There are so many possibilities to find something interesting or funny in everyday objects. Most of my art includes food products. I guess that sitting at the table or going to the supermarket is the perfect time to day-dream”.

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