There’s another good reason to visit Venice this summer. American photographer David LaChapelle presents “Lost+Found”, a large monographic exhibition running till September and taking place at the amazing “Casa dei Tre Oci”.  Jump on the boat and check it out!

From the nineties to the present day, “Lost+Found” is a survey on the career of DavidLaChapelle with more than 100 images celebrating the photographer’s irreverent style defined as “hyper-real and slyly subversive”. For the first time in the world, the exhibition, curated by Denis Curti and Reiner Opoku, will show also“New World”: 18 works that mark a return to the human figure and that revolve around themes like heaven and representations of joy, nature, soul. It’s a total experience that can highlight new meaning through relationship between people, as LaChapelle has immortalized in the enchanting rainforests of Hawaii.

Despite being criticized for his obsession with celebrities (Cortney Love, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Kardashian' family), the cult of the superfluous, the extreme pursuit of beauty, his approach to religion (Last Supper, 2003; After the Deluge: Cathedral, 2007) and art (Rebirth of Venus, 2009) David LaChapelle has set new standards of glamour in art and photography. Three Venetian floors of exuberant ideas, evocative contents and delirious style. 

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