Camp David was founded with the mission to rethink what a co-working space should be: amind fully-designed, collaborative environment for creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses.

The project takes shape in Industry City, a restored industrial complex, situated in Sunset Parkthat’s steps from the D/N/R trains and the Brooklyn waterfront, delivering unrivaled views of the East River, lower Manhattan skyline, and the Statue of Liberty. The area is quickly becoming an oasis for startup businesses and intrepid creatives alike, a place to breathe and stretch outside of Manhattan's compact grid. “The context is crucial to the experience of Camp David,” co-founder Mazdack Rassi explains. "The creative fervor and sense of possibility in this neighborhood is palpable. There is just so much space—space to think, space to spread out, space to create and collaborate.” 

The founders, who are also the brains behind New York's Milk Studios, worked with designer David M.Sullivan to devise a layout that feels at once modern and functional: every inch has been carefully considered to provide the highest level of comfort and efficiency in the workplace. Combining the area's industrial history with a high-design aesthetic. “In a way, it’s like a hotel, in a non traditional sense, with friends next door, a big lobby, beautiful marble, a cafe and patio to hangout in downstairs, the emphasis on an aesthetic and memorable experience.” This open, spacious lobby houses a coffee shop, conference rooms, seating areas, and access to the courtyard while the second floor has desks and private office spaces and the basement has a selection of logistic and creative tools. Much of the design and art is locally sourced from Brooklyn, while mid century furnishings are dispersed throughout the entire space, most of which were custom made.


Building Camp David (237 36th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232) is important as building the community that operates within it, and it’s that approach that has made the project so successful. Following the philosophy that flexibility is crucial to productivity, the place offers a selection of monthly and yearly membership packages, each featuring a customized list of services and amenities like private office ($1,500 a month), assigned desk (from $700), work lounge ($1,200per year).

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