Born April 16, 2002, Sadie Sink just starred in Netflix's Stranger Things season two, playing Max, a teenage girl, a "bit of tomboy", with red hair who loves skating and playing videogames. "She’s the new girl in town”, revealed the American actress from Texas, the fourth of five siblings who moved to New York to pursue an acting career. “Max moves from California to Hawkins with her step brother Billy becoming friends with the boys at the middle school. She adds this new element to the show.’


After auditioning for Stranger Things, Sadie found out that she had won the part onher way home from school. She told the Brenham Banner, the local paper for her hometown: “My mom knew before I knew. “The Duffer Brothers were going to call me and tell me that I got the role and they were going to call me after school. “So, my mom was making sure that I was in the car at 4 o’clock and she was really strict about it, but she’s never really strict about that kind of stuff, so I was like: ‘Okay, wait, what’s going on?' And then I went home and they called me and I was like: ‘Oh, my gosh.’ I couldn’t process what was happening.”


In her real life Sadie doesn’t play video games as Max does (except Pac-Man), and didn’t even know how to skateboard until she found out she got the part around this time last year. The very next day, Netflix sent over a skateboard—and a headsup that an instructor would soon be arriving to her home in New Jersey to help her through three-hour-a-day practices.


Millie Bobby Brown, who’s playing Eleven, has said that she was “relieved” when another girl joined the cast, having been surrounded by boys throughout season one. The young actresses were pictured holidaying together with Millie’s family in Cabo, Mexico earlier this year, holding hands as they frolicked on a beach. Before joining one of the recent most succesfull Netflix serie, Sadie Sink was already popoular for her role as Suzanne Ballard on Odyssey (2015), Kimberly on The Bleeder (2016), Lori on The Glass Castle (2017) and also appeared on Broadway, in both The Audience.

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