Whether it’s yoga, meditation or just a moment of self-care, mindfulness has the power to realign our mood and outlook on life. It may seem like a modern phenomenon, but the latest trend in mindfulness was first invented in 1960 by a Colombian neuropsychiatrist, Algonso Caycedo. This is Sophrology; aptly described by it’s inventor as ‘learning to live’. 

Put simply, sophrology reinforces the connection between body and mind, allowing you to become more aware in that very moment. Defined by short, effective and regular practices, sophrology teaches us to enjoy the present and move forward in a positive way by actively acknowledging what we feel. While it teaches us to be ‘in the now’, the practice is also ideal for preparing for important events and scenarios. 

Sometimes referred to as ‘dynamic relaxation’, sophrology uses a variety of techniques including breathing, relaxation, body awareness and visualisation. By tuning into our physical bodies using gentle exercise, we can train ourselves to respond to situations in specific ways. Important work meeting looming? Sophrology can teach you to remain calm and collected. By deciding how we are going to experience certain events before they have happened, we can take control of how we handle situations. This is where sophrology differs from traditional meditation or mindfulness; we are able to tune into our own strength to face life’s challenges head on. With celebrity fans including Arianna Huffington and the French Rugby team, it’s no wonder that sophrology is having its own moment in the spotlight. 

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