As a New Year fast approaches, we are all guilty of planning resolutions we’ll never stick to. For those determined to head into 2019 with a more organised, productive attitude, arm yourself with a notebook and pen and start a Bullet Journal. Bullet Journaling is a practical way of keeping on top of all those to-do lists,  whilst encouraging a more mindful approach to daily life. However you choose to do yours, you’ll find a common theme running throughout the Bullet Journal process; it’s all about you. - what you want to do, what you find useful and what you like to look at. It may take a little extra time, but you’ll find yourself really considering what takes priority in your daily life, and where you can afford to be more efficient. 

First invented by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer from New York, Bullet Journaling was born out of a need to organize his own thoughts, ideas and plans. Carroll developed Bullet Journaling as a simple way to organise the present, prepare for the future and remember the past. In 2013, he decided to share it with the world, launching the Bullet Journal website and accompanying tutorial video. Learning the ropes of Bullet Journalling can take a while, but once you’ve nailed the basics, it’s easy-going from there.

Perhaps the reason why Bullet Journaling is so popular, is that it promotes a welcome return to good old fashioned ‘pen and paper’. Forget the smartphone, apps and online calendars, there’s something calming and reassuring about having a digital detox. From the intricate and flamboyant, to the simple and functional, Instagram is a great resource for #bulletjournalinspo. Head over to the official Bullet Journal website to get started.

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