Spotify or Tidal? The answer for real music collectors is Radiooooo app, maybe the most exciting music service in the market. The website shows a worldwide map, then users can select a country, pick a decade between 1900 and now,  choose a country and a mood (Slow, Fast or Weird) and let the music play. A ‘Taxi’ mode combines countries and decades to create a mixed radio station, but unlike Tidal or Spotify, you can’t skip tracks in any way other than changing the core three options, encouraging further exploration.


This algorithmic offers a huge range of songs including hidden gems, uncommon or obscure music that was lost over time and that in many case are unknown because major services reduce the amount of choices you would have to make. As an artist and DJ, founder Benjamin Moreau immediately understands how people were receptive to all types of music. “I made people dance to exotic foreign music—they just don’t notice in a club that they are dancing to a Spanish or Kazakh song,” he explains. “People do not have time or interest in global music because they just don’t know it.”


The platform has quickly become one of the most engaging music service thanks to the enthusiasm of the various contributors looking to share rare tunes.  “We collect collectors,” says Moreau “It is very difficult to explain why a track is accepted or not, but usually we accept tracks when we are directly and emotionally touched by it, when it talks to our heart, when the hair rises on our skin,. Each time we try to keep in mind that we must only accept tracks we consider real treasures.”


Radiooooo is a wonderful musical time machine that allows you to travel through space and time for free. From Mali to Bolivia, through India and Greenland, get ready to dance or just be surprised. 

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