Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art and Planning presents a 12-piece versatile bespoke furniture series designed by four architects who have previously studied in this school and are now founding partners of Hong Kong architecture office CL3 and design studio Lim + Lu. “This has been a fun journey. As students we have been peering back into our old school and thinking about what we could give back.”

The design pieces have been conceived specifically for Cornell University's space located in the financial district of Manhattan and focused on the idea of the pushcarts that are part of New York urban side, transporting goods in every corner as emblem of globalisation. “We have thought about the true purpose of the furniture. How it will become part of Cornell's fabric, go beyond the primary usage, and spread out within the context it has been placed within", William Lim of CL3 commented. The multiple qualities of these pushcarts can be decline for both work or living spaces thanks to the possibility of reclining the position and move them through wheels. Isn’t what urbanites need?

The project gave shape to 12 pieces of multi-purposepor table furnitures that replace traditional heavy couches and bulky wardrobes in favor of unique, versatile yet color-blocking hybrids. This modular urban elements function as a kind of infrastructure, mated to a customized artifact specific to particular program. Taken together, they are a microcosm of Cornell's famous lessons in college urbanism but if you are used to moving and living in rented apartments they will become the best ally to your home life.

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