Leah Frances is a Canadian photographer who was born in a small fishing village of the west coast of Canada, raised in British Columbia and currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Her US-focused Instagram account @americansquares – with more than 10,000 followers - focuses on the cutest diners, large cars, signs, dives and motel rooms imaginable around the country including French and German influences. It’s more than a road trip, this might be a vintage journey in the 1950s, sometimes jumping back to the1930’s & 40s, or to a fabulous 1970s atmosphere.


Leah describes herself as an observer of "the lovely and lovable world which quietly persists." She has taken her cameras – a Fujifilm X100S & Yashica T3 cameras - to seek out the American ‘Golden Age’, capturing places and locations where the modern world is still decades away but at the same time the American dream has yet to be abandoned. Growing up on Vancouver Island, America was a land that seemed somewhat like a mirage to Frances. A place that was within reach but, at the same time, a reality experienced through a dreamscape– the lens of Hollywood. “If I squinted I could see across the Strait of Juan de Fuca to the lights of Port Angeles, Washington from my bedroom window,” says the artist. “My dad and I watched a lot of films, classics like Mildred Pierce, Citizen Kane, and Double Indemnity. I had the impression that just across the water, everything looked like it did in the movies.”


Take a peek at this gallery to appreciate her unique talent in creating an image which captured the way in which she viewed the world.

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