Ever since the world became obsessed with all things hygge, trend forecasters have been predicting the next Scandi trend to infiltrate our homes, lifestyles and everything in between. In 2017, Vogue touted the lagom as the new hyyge, Pinterest searches and Instagram hashtags have  gone into overdrive. But is this simple concept really a trend or just a word that sums up that contented feeling we all strive for? 

Roughly translated from Swedish, lagom means ‘not too much, not too little; just the right amount’. The idea of lagom is best compared to the popular idiom, ‘less is more’. In our Marie Kondo-obsessed age, the promotion of living frugally but practically is perfectly in tune with the rejection of consumerism. But is this a ‘trend’ or simply an insight into the Swedish national psyche? Unlike hygge, this is a philosophy to live by; the aim is to create perfect balance and contentment in our lives. 

So how is it possible that such a concept can translate into the likes of interior trends and Pinterest boards? We can translate the idea of lagom into our homes by placing our environment at the centre of our living spaces. For example, a wood burning stove makes use of the most environmentally friendly fuel that is cost efficient and sustainable; we can enjoy the home comfort of feeling cosy but not at the expense of our planet. 

The idea of ‘not too much, not too little’ can be translated into interiors through the use of colour. Choose neutral shades that feel warm but not overpowering; think taupe and stone hues. When accessorising, remember the premise of ‘less is more’, and choose a curated edit of decorative items. Plants are a perfect lagom inspired choice as they are sustainable and naturally beautifully. Choose simple succulents and evergreens that will stand the test of time. This idea of timelessness is key to the lagom philosophy. 

So while it remains to be seen whether it will gain such global obsession as hygge, by simply embracing a more understated aesthetic, we can welcome lagom into our homes and lifestyles. 

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