10 years ago, a home workout meant a fitness DVD and little else. Today, exercising in your own home is a whole new concept entirely, with the rise of immersive fitness. The digital world is all about staying connected, and now fitness groups are exploring new ways of offering work outs, without losing the trainer and trainee connection. More than ever, people are looking for flexibility in their workout routine.

Key players in the immersive fitness industry are Peloton, who virtually transport you to a gym from the comfort of your own home using innovative equipment. Users can take part ‘virtually’ in classes on spin bikes and treadmills streamed directly from Peloton’s New York City studios. Streamed classes are the easiest way to workout from the comfort of your own home, while ensuring you still enjoy a high-impact exercise class with results. Live streaming service FIIT TV offer users a FIIT console, which includes a chest strap that monitors heart rate and accelerometer to track progress. Users can join in with a class in real time and the data received from the console allows FIIT to recommend classes to suit each individual.

Now, there’s no excuse for missing a workout, even if space in your home is limited. When your living space is small, the last thing you need is workout equipment taking up valuable room. The Habit Furniture have taken matters into their own hands and designed a range of stunning modern wooden furniture that also doubles as workout equipment. Set up by a group of Hong Kong based interior designers, The Habit’s debut design is both a sleek coffee table and an exercise bench, ideal for sit-ups and V-ups. There’s even two dumbbells stowed away underneath the table, which double as side tables and stools when not in use. There’s never been a better excuse to cancel your gym membership and take your exercise regime into your own hands. 

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