Right now, the spotlight on sustainable fashion has never been brighter yet nearly 60% of all clothing still ends up in landfill or is burned within just a year of being made. While things are undoubtedly heading in the right direction, the need for a wider understanding of sustainability  issues is still paramount. One such initiative designed to educate the public has just launched in Amsterdam. 

‘Fashion For Good’ is the first of its kind; an interactive museum dedicated to promoting responsible fashion. Located in central Amsterdam, the museum launched in October with partners including Adidas and Stella McCartney. Designed to educate and inspire, ‘Fashion For Good’ is comprised of displays that shine a light on our buying habits and environmental impact. Free to enter, the museum spotlights brands that are pushing the boundaries of sustainable fashion. From leather made from apples to biodegradable glitter, these innovators are at the heart of a sea change within the industry. A new collection is installed within the museum every three months, launching with “Splash: Rethinking The Role of Water in Fashion”, which focuses on how much water is used to produce clothing and the ever present dangers of ocean plastic pollution. Upon entering the museum, visitors are given a radio frequency identification bracelet crafted from recycled plastic collected from Amsterdam canals. As they walk through the interactive space, visitors can commit to actions and earn ‘badges’. Once complete, they receive a personalised Fashion Action Plan comprised of tips to change buying behaviour. This experience not only educates the general public but hopes to engage wider industry leaders and show how the two worlds of sustainable fashion and apparel industries can exist as one. 

“It’s not just about what you buy, but how often you buy and how you wash, how you care for your clothes, how you advocate for sustainable polices or engage with different parts of the apparel and fashion industries.” - Jake Barton, Local Projects. 

Find out more about Fashion For Good at www.fashionforgood.com 

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