2018 was the year that spirituality became the word on everyone’s lips; wellness wasn’t just about caring for mind and body, but soul too. The most powerful tool in our spiritual arsenal? Crystals. Once dismissed as mystic nonsense, 2018 was the year crystals went mainstream, and according to wellness experts, our obsession is set to stick around just a while longer. 

For complete newcomers to the concept of crystals, they are best described as an alternative healing tool used to boost the energy system. Crystals have long been used in devices such as watches and radios as they are natural channels for energy. Ever felt drained by a negative environment? There’s a crystal for that. Crystals are used to rebalance the chakras (your body’s energy centres) and cleanse the aura (a protective filter for harmful energy). The energy from the crystals retune our bodies to their original organic state. In a therapy session, crystals are placed on the body in the corresponding chakra points, including the heart, the throat and the solar plexus, to retune that area. Some report a feeling of tingling or pressure, while others fall into an irresistibly relaxed state. 

While little scientific evidence exists to substantiate their effectiveness, crystal healing certainly has a high-profile following. From supermodel Naomi Campbell, who carries black tourmaline and rose quartz in her handbag, to Victoria Beckham, who uses crystals to ward off bad energy pre-show, our obsession with the mystic trend is fast growing. Google reported a 40% increase in searches for ‘crystal healing’ in the past four years. 2019 is the year that crystals even infiltrate the beauty industry, as brands harness their healing power. How? When added to products, the frequency of crystals can actually alter the frequency of face creams and oils. These high frequency minerals are said to target signs of ageing; Hollywood star Kate Hudson admits to storing her crystals besides her moisturiser to ‘add a little energy’. So whether a believer or a sceptic, it seems rose quartz, amethyst and their crystal companions aren’t disappearing anytime soon. 

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