After environmental activists announced plans to ‘shut down’ September’s London Fashion Week, the British Fashion Council (BFC) announced plans to tackle the issue of sustainability within the fashion industry. Named the Institute of Positive Fashion, the BFC has committed to setting new industry standards, championing greener business models and encouraging brands and companies to make positive change. 

 Driven by expertise and research, the IPF is an extension of the Positive Fashion Committee which was launched by the BFC in 2013. A spokesperson for the IPF said “it will accelerate progress made in all areas of sustainability that will be impactful and lasting, by creating educational programmes and campaigns aimed at both industry and the public.” While sustainability is the key focus of the initiative, the concept is informed by two other key pillars; equality and diversity and craftsmanship and community. Over the next quarter, the IPF promise to show significant development, building on the existing Positive Fashion Committee. 

 The IPF aims to create an industry blueprint that will help brands tackle this complex topic, eventually leading to a complete industry turnaround. Through research, expert opinion, industry insights and combined experience, the IPF hopes that the power of the collective will kickstart independent activity. Coinciding with the launch of London Fashion Week on the 13th of September 2019, DHL, in association with the BFC, commissioned a White Paper highlighting the importance of sustainability in the industry. It provides businesses both large and small with advice and easy to follow recommendations that ensure positive fashion remains at the heart. 

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