Known by some as the "Bristol yeti," Big Jeff (real name Jeffrey Johns) is the ultimate Bristol local legend, especially among music lovers. He has been to seven gigs a week for 13 years as you can see from the amount of festival wristband bracelets in his arms. The last one? At Primavera Sound Festival that took place in Barcelona.  Over time, his “fame” has transcended Bristol and now he's recognized all over Europe and among local bands and famous artists too. Flying Lotus loves him, Haim want to marry him, singer-songwriter Beans On Toast wrote an amazing song about this guy.

Even lost in the crowd, you can easily recognized Big Jeff from his blonde fuzzy hair and tall stature, always in front of a stage, eyes shut while clapping his hands. He lived in Bristol since 2002 but before that, he was in a village with his parents without the opportunity to get in touch with live music and it’s kind of funny that his first gig was a boy-band. Suffering from Asperger's, dyspraxia, and sporadicbouts of depression, music and festivals were a release valve for Jeff, as well as a way of making friends and talking to strangers about a common passion. "It took me absolutely ages to actually talk, because I'd be so nervous about approaching people," he explains. "Now it's become a really addictive need, really. And that's basically how I've started to make friends, meeting people and especially musicians”.

 Social networks play their role in making the guy a kind of legend. There's now a Big Jeff appreciation society on Facebook with nearly 2,000 members, and you'll also find stencils of his face sprayed on walls around the city and wearable as printed T-shirts. Some young punters have even started mimicking his singular style of dancing.

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