Aryton Page is a 27 year old artist born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Obsessed by the minimal aesthetic via Instagram, he moved his first steps working on the innovative concept of maximum minimalism. “A kind of a play on words for me – tells the photographer -as it can mean being minimal to the most extreme sense of the word, yet it can also mean not being afraid to take a maximal approach to minimalism”. 

In his account @arytronthat has almost 40K followers - he promotes art "reducing" nature, experimenting with colors and perspective, giving palms, sunsets and beachfronts a calming and unconventional effect. “Most people think of minimal images as having less things in it than normal. What they might not realize is that you can pack an image full of things, yet still give it a minimalist feel”.


Through his works, you can see everyday things in adifferent way, including an extraordinary pastel vision of Hawaii. “We have a very small town mentality here which just comes from us being one of the most geographically isolated places on earth. Living and working in Hawaii as an artist is very rewarding as there is a lot of culture here and the art community is very vibrant. There is definitely a lot of passion and talent here in the islands”. 

Do you need an exra dose of minimalism today? Get inspired by @_ingo_1, one of Arytron’s favourite Instagram account that put the focus on conceptual aesthetic from London.


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