We’re in Kiev inside a beautiful, cheerful apartment designed by 33BY for a young professional woman. The studio, headed by the architect Ivan Yunakov, focuses on the architectural market of Ukraine, advancing the image and an esthetics of comfortable and functional housing.


For this 110 square metre apartment, the aim was to concoct a layout that would suit a vibrant personality that loves to partake in travel and spiritual development, enjoys music, studying literature and business. The contemporary home presents two different areas: the entertaining/guest zone with a kitchen diner, lounge and guest bathroom and the private/bedroom zone that consists of two bedrooms and a master bathroom.


Oleg Stelmah, who takes care of the photography, puts the attention on the energized colour scheme that fills every space and transform the apartment in a warmy yet playful place to live. Every eye-popping coloured pieces introduce different hues that share a common vibrancy and are surrounded by “breathing”spaces. That’s the secret for keeping each room together as one. Some elements are made from dark wood tones to form a balance along with the lively furniture and the pale pastel painted walls. The aesthetic maintains an airy and fresh look and the entire layout is geared toward being a social space, designed for maximum interaction. For example, behind the sofa, a breakfast bar is crowned with a line of pendant lights in an array of colours, set at different heights.


The dining room is a sophisticated scene. Although a strong combo of plum and teal has been applied to the upholstered dining chairs and curtains respectively, the light fittings are finished in copper. There is a monochrome art print here too, hung on a powdery pink wall. Pale grey trims and neighboring wall prevent the playful shade from appearing too sweet. The pastel pink wall gives way to white in order to display projected images. Beneath the projection screen a bright yellow top brightens up a long entertainment console. A set of grey storage cabinets and drawers are built into the far wall, running the entire length.


Welcome to Apartment K.

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