“I’m always researching interesting architecture and interiors to shoot,” says Tekla Evelina Severin, the Swedish photographer, interior architect and set designer, famous on Instagram behind the name of @teklan

Her work is a tribute to the joy of colours expressed via abstract images, still lifes, sunsets and wallpaper. A process that comes naturally: “I’m not searching for concrete things, like the colour pink or arc shapes. I just know it when I see it. Like a gut feeling.”

Severin trained as an interior architect before taking to Instagram in 2012 to communicate her frustration with the dominance of bland beige and grey tones in the interiors around her. “Instagram has a huge effect on how I work and even why I work like this; it’s actually the reason why I can work as a freelance photographer instead of working solely full-time as an interior architect. Though I’m not saying one is more noble than the other”.

Her style and color combinations are unique – “hazelnut brown and lavender-ice blue, pink and red, brown and yellow” - as well as the capability to move forward the biggest Instagram trends. “They are kind of sad; the time and effort people put into it, time spent not being present. And also everything starts to really look alike, and there are so many copycats out there!”. 

The dark Swedish winters have an influence on her relationship with color. A clear reaction against working with mainly beiges for rich people as an interior architect. “I started using Instagram as my own creative space, exploring unwanted materials, such as pink plexiglass…”.

Here’s a celebration of her work where colours are simply “the preciousness of being able to see.”

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