When Sé began in 2007, the goal was reclaim the glamour and quality of 20th century furniture and to become a dynamic and innovative presence in the world of contemporary luxury design. Sé’s vision was to invite some of the world’s best design talent to produce collections, akin to an art gallery or a couture house, the ultimate object being to build a catalogue of highly-crafted and beautifully-finished objects, made of the finest, noble materials, by the best craftspeople in Europe. 

To celebrate Milan Design Week (from 4th-9th April) the European design brand places its works into an apartment introducing a new exhibit entitled ‘Sé Ensemble’. Merging pattern, texture and shape, old pieces and new partnership, the design studio demonstrates the adaptability of each objects with any interior scheme and how they perfectly work together in Lounge, Dining Room, Dressing Room and Salon. “In these four carefully-curated rooms”, says Co-founder at Sé, Pavlo Schtakleff, “you'll discover how pieces from all three Sé collections achieve stylistic unity, and how they mingle with decor created by our partners, friends and artists.They've been chosen for having a flair and ethos that matches our vision”.

Finishing touches to the apartment include rugs from traditional French producer La Manufacture Cogolin and artisanal wallpapers by Brooklyn-based Calico, 'including the highly anticipatedcollaboration with BCXSY, ‘Microcosmos’, which will be joined by inspiring new pieces from selected artists, sculptors and craftsmen. The curated apartment is inside Galleria Rossana Orlandi, a must-see destination for eclectic design renowned for its ability to spot the latest talent and take its visitor on a journey of discovery. This year is no exception.

2017 Salone del Mobile 4-9 April, 9am–8pm daily

Rossana Orlandi Galleria
Via Matteo Bandello 16,
20123 Milano

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