Todays emojis, Instagram stories, selfies and snaps have completely changed our way of communication. The handwritten word seems to be a language for past generations or a disappearing art. But the power of letters and the process behind them, their romantic and emotional sides are ready for a real throwback. The American writer and journalist Joan Didion says: “You don’t know what you’re thinking until you write it down”. Well, we have surfed the Internet searching for the best parchments, pencils, pens and greeting cards for your Christmas’ declarations of love, friendship, and even despair. 

In the Twitter and “short emails” age, resurrecting tradition could be something revolutionary and really appreciated by the people you truly love. Books, quotes (and Google of course) will help you find the best wordy inspirations and through this contemporary yet sumptuous stationery, put pen to paper and rediscovered your lady/gentleman status will be easier and classy than you think.


Luxury desk accessories could be also the perfect, retro gifts as the iconic pencil sharpeners that combine design, precision, and craftsmanship; the letter openers that will allow you to open your envelopes smoothly avoiding damaging the letters that you receive; the magnifiers, a functional touch of style and distinction on your desk; the hole punches; elegant and classic pencil pots; the letter racks that provide an attractive and functional design in order to keep your paper mail in style. And what about inkwells, the perfect complement for those who enjoy the art of traditional writing? 

Moreover, there are plenty of card's collections that mix the traditional “birthday” or “thank-you” notes inside with a contemporary language and funny illustrations outside. The result is a classic yet irreverent message for the ones you love.

 And now, choose your best words.

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