If you’re looking for a different kind of boutique accommodation experience when you’re next visiting Los Angeles, we think you should give the West Hollywood Palihouse Hotel (8465 Holloway Drive, California) some serious consideration. It’s not a place for travelers, merely, but has become a sort of second home to locals—the creative class in particular—both day and night. The secret is in its energy. The contemporary world is becoming so fluid that it has come to necessitate an equally fluid home for a new set of travelers, one that has a determined, but not infinite, amount of time. And the focus is on what it's naturally so good at, the extended stay experience.

Thanks to the the mid-scale price and the unique spots of the neighborhood (Chateau Marmont), the hotel suggests a moment of rest. The quirky atmosphere reminds you of the living room of an aunt with a fondness for vintage with its tiled floors, Chesterfield sofas, Saarinen tables, Bertoia chairs, dark wood cabinets, exposed brick and Noguchi lamps. A modern comfort that put the visitor inside the neighborhood’s social scene. Known as the entertainment centre, with a seemingly never ending night life, West Hollywood is also the right place to be in if you’re looking to source some of the best interior design resources on the West Coast. The Pacific Design Centre and the Avenues of Arts and Designs can all be found here and Rodeo drive.

Palihouse was completed in January of 2008 and the inspiration in designing the interiors was very much a mix of boho-European materials and furniture silhouettes, to give the interior a familiar and cozy atmosphere. This balance is achieved without following any fixed rule and the ubiquitous presence of books adds a sense of history and comfort, not to mention a collection of meaningful things over time. 

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