Minimaliststyle of Nicolas Ménard combines complexity and simplicity in theanimation and motion design space. His latest work, named Wednesday with Goodard – the title hearkens to the literary classic Waiting For Godot with numerous visual references -  tells the story of a man’s search for God, narrated by http://Denis Foley in soft Irish tones. The series of verbal and visual gags bring the main character to an existential crisis: along the way he meets a girl, falls in love with her and in at the end he seems to lost everything.

The animation has a unique feel and truly describes the personal quest for spiritual enlightenment that leads to romance and despair. “The idea was tomake a story that starts like a children’s book, but ends in a sudden, dramatic way. It became a film about the search for God, or perhaps something else” says Nicolas Ménard, the Canadian graphic artist working and living in London.

Originally released through Channel 4’s Random Acts, Wednesday with Goddard won the Best Animated Short at the SXSW Film Awards. The animation is written, designed and directed by Nicolas Ménard with the collaboration of Chinese visual artist Manshen Lo that with her delicate pencil drawings adds a divergent style and aromantic side to the bright, blocky characters. The film represents not only an hilarious story but also an amazing experimentation of aesthetic media. “We starting working on this film, developing this style that mixes fully rendered pencil drawings with simple, colourful characters”, reveals Nicolas . “It took a lot of trial and error to figure out the style, but once we had one functional image, the rest followed rather smoothly”.

Watch Wednesday with Goodard

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