Luke Edward Hall is a 26-year old London-based designer and illustrator with a unique eye and a sense of aesthetic that is all is own. The emerging artist, designer and interior decorator injects an effervescent quality and a concept of fun into every aspect of his creativity, transforming his home in a totally playful but always very classy work of art. “I’ve been creating things from a young age,” Luke explains. “I’ve always been interested in lots of different disciplines and how I might go about applying my aesthetic to them.”

When he was a teenager, magazines offered him the first proper window into the worlds of fashion, art and design. It was in one of those publications that he first heard of CentralSaint Martins, which he would eventually attend to study fashion communication.Those years learning to cut patterns and match fabrics have had a lasting effect on his work today, in the cheerily innocent prints on his pillows or the eclectic play of patterns, pigments, and mementos in his own home.

Hall’s style is inspired by the art and architecture of the ancient Greeks and Romans, the romantic nature of the English countryside, and the bright, vivid colors of mid century Palm Springs (he hates black). “I want to combine all of these things in my work, or at least these are the things I’m often thinking about when I’m working.”

 Come inside his home to quickly get an idea of his taste.

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