Your dog, your car, your hair and now even your desk says something about you. But how the way in which we work today could help us explore how we might work better tomorrow? A new exhibition called ‘DeskTop’ - hosted at Walter Knoll, Clerkenwell showroom 2-30 November - offers a glimpse of the workspaces of some of London’s most inspirational minds including Serpentine Galleries director Yana Peel, architect Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, curator Johanna Agerman-Ross, designer Luke Pearson of Pearson Lloyd, architect Matthew Blain of Hassell and many others.

Curated by writer and editor Jonathan Openshaw, the eight workspaces are presented through photographs taken by Anton Rodriguez. ‘We were interested in what kind of spaces London’s creative community work in and what they require from a physical environment,’ says Openshaw. ‘We had a list of around 20 names for this, spread across design, architecture, curation, journalism…”. The project purpose aims to generate questions about how the office space needs to innovate in order to remain relevant and the role that office furniture can play in this evolution

‘Business and leisure merge into each other more and more. At the end of the day, humans are physical animals”, explained Openshaw. ‘We’re tactile, we need to relate to each other. We cannot exist in VR enhanced digital bubbles. Digital tools are wonderful things and technology advances our potential and output massively, but I think there will always be a place for wood, paper and ink in how we work through ideas and make imaginative leaps.’

Each participant was asked to choose one object that captures an element of their way of working, which is displayed beside their corresponding photograph. Johanna Agerman Ross opted for a thesaurus and dictionary because she loves browsing the ‘many possibilities of vocabulary’ rather than just searching for words online. Tony Chambers makes reference to his training in graphic design and work as an editor with a magnifying lens and loupe. Sevil Peach chose a tape measure that she got in a Christmas cracker and always carries with her because it helps her to orient herself in anew space.

Have a look at this simple yet amazing desks and find new inspirations for your office lifetsyle.

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