Lara and Mara Bawar are 11-year-old twins from São Paulo, Brazil with albinism, a condition that affects around one in 17,000 people and causes a lack of skin and hair pigment due to a lack of melanin.
Their unique beauty and pale features caught the eye of the fashion industry and inspired photographer Vinicius Terranova, 26, working with the young models as part of his own project called Flores Raras (Rare Flowers). "A beauty that is not that uncommon but rather rarely perceived while out there every day, ready to be noticed and given its deserved spotlight" told the photographer. "A plea to the power of diversity, it represents the encounter of their sublime beauty."

“My point is to analyze how being uncommon is far from being negative.”

Vinicius Terranova, who lives in Sau Paul,  photographed Lara and Mara Bawar – as well as their older sister, Sheila, who does not have albinism – to showcase how truly beautiful diversity can be. "I came across the models in a video. They are incredibly beautiful and talented and that's why I wanted to work with them. They are self-confident, intelligent and work very well."

The albino twinswhose parents are originally from Guine Bissau in West Africa, dream an international acting and modelling careers and their first steps in the fashion system include Nike, Insanis and Bazaar Kids while their Instagram profile counts almost 12000 Instagram followers. "We feel albinism is pretty, we love our hair, eye colour and skin tone" says Lara. While Mara added: "Growing up like this was amazing, we love being different and are happy with our unique beauty".

Meet these talented and inspiring sisters.

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