Since she was 21 the London based photographer Juno Calypso spent a long time in the solitary exploration of femininity. She was on both sides of the camera to exeperience strange, haunting emotions blending with her hilarious yet critical vision of the world around herself. “In 2011, after two decades of taking pictures of myself in private, I began a series of self-portraits disguised as a fictional character named Joyce”, told the artist who won several awards including The British Journal of Photography International Series Award and Foam Museums 2016 Talent award. “Without knowing how to explain what I was doing at the time, I used my grandmothers’ houses or rented bedrooms online, and took pictures of myself while the hosts were asleep. Once alone I used Joyce to reenact the private underlife of a woman consumed by the laboured construct of femininity, carried out to the point of ritualised absurdity”.

After four years, in 2015, she introduced “The Honeymoon”,  a continuation of the ‘Joyce’ series in which she posed as a travel writer in a romantic-themed couples resort in the USA to perform solitary acts of desire and disappointment. In each room, Calypso aka Joyce shot herself in moments of preparation and anticipation where a body-mask beauty routine becomes a science-fiction metamorphosis. She appears alone, absorbed and exhausted by her own reflection.

Her unmistakable ‘80s-style alter ego usually wears big glasses, blonde wigs and pink lingerie. “Theoretically, I love treading the line between feminism and being erotic, playing with those cliched poses”. Many people are curious and want to assist her during the shooting thinking it’ll be fun but “it’s frustrating, a long boring process and honestly, I don’t enjoy it".


1989, East London. Lives and works inLondon, UK

Juno Calypso graduated from London Collegeof Communication in 2012. Since graduating Juno has won several awardsincluding The British Journal of Photography International Series Award, andFoam Museums 2016 Talent award. Juno's work has been exhibited internationally,with shows in New York, South Korea, Mexico, Canada and China. Her video workhas been screened at the Saatchi Gallery and Tate Modern. 

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