There’s a new place in Copenaghen where you can have fun without any costs. A space where you can play basketball, make skateboarding, take schools’ lessons and concerts or just sunbathe. Welcome to Israel’s Plads where tradition and modern life celebrate the significance and the history of the site combining leisure, culture, activity and public events.

The inauguration of the covered market gave the northern part of Israels Plads – connecting the Ørsteds Park and the Botanical Gardens - a real injection of urban life, a true reflection of the history of Copenhagen’s transformation. The principal idea behind the project is to enhance the coherence between the square and its surroundings, the city centre and the residential neighbourhoods, making it a contemporary urban space, a unique location for challenging ideas.

So we go back to the beginning. As the city gradually extended, this place became a lively market square – until the 1950’s, when it was turned into a lifeless carpark. The new plaza is elevated above the existing street level (cars are now placed in the underground carpark) and functions like a flying carpet, a large urban playground (surface raised about 30 cm) and a space for activity. Apart from basketball players, not many other people made use of the square till now when Israels Plads is a space for everyone. The cut-outs feature round bench formations under the tree crowns allow people observing the life unfolding on the plaza; rounded formations include a green oasis next to the neighboring school and lowered areas for ball games.

Israel Square is a new hub for many locals and visitors to the city – not just for gourmet shopping, but as a place to meet over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.The international air and its modernity are distinctive features as well as its historical roots you can breathe in the old vegetable market and the ramparts that used to stand here. Nature is always around with the presence of old Danish tree species such as oak, maple, chestnut and beech, a green grass rampart and a waterfall. A new concept of urban lifestyle that conceives tranquility and reflection, romantic picnics, and a sense of being in the middle of the city and at the same time so far away.

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