Helsinki has the largest concentration of Art Nouveau buildings in Northern Europe and combines Russian influence, a Swedish touch and the style of world-famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. Known as the "White City of the North”, Finland’s capital reveals also another side with a pure and minimalist view over all spaces, reflecting the common sense ofNordic culture”. The Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art represents the best of contemporary architecture along with design and antique shops, fashion stores, art galleries, restaurants and showrooms located in the Design District.

Architecture in Helsinki never stopped to amaze local people as the Helsinki photographer Kristo Vedenoja who set up @helsinkifacades project on his Instagram. The artist captures the colourful mix and the symmetry of architectural styles in the capital described as “a relatively young city that contains a wide variety of buildings which help create a unique feeling in each urban district.” Kristo Vedenoj,  who has lived in Helsinki for most of his life, loves to walk around the city, camera in hand, capturing the details that catch his eye with a particular attention to architectural facades of the city.

As he said, sometimes people are too busy to notice the little things around them. But we believe tourists have more time to explore the city (looking for Santa Claus…?!) and enjoy these wonderful places while eating fresh salmon, wild berries and coffee in a restaurant. Moreover in August there’s another one good reason to take your flight to Helsinki: visionary artist Frank Ocean will make his Finnish debut with a live show at Flow Festival after canceling his set at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, leaving fans angry.

So want to see him for the first time? Save the date: Sunday, August, 13.

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