This particular washing process allow us to avoid oxidizing chemicals in the spray bath, meaning less impact on both the environment and operators. It also uses less water than traditional processes, and saves energy both in terms of process and disposal of wastewater. Our treatments comprise: laser for used effect, stone wash treatment with very short bathing ratio and ozone treatment.

The company's mission is to control the entire waterway from drainage to discharge in compliance with existing legislation and the environment. The water, before being used for washing, is treated in a demineralizations plant with ion exchange resins of 1200 kg capacity that takes away any trace of carbonate of calcium (limestone). This grays the linen and gives an unpleasant feeling to the fabric.

The Lis' Laundry, monitors the washing water parameters daily. If certain values ​​were above certain thresholds, the washing processes could be less effective.

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