These two sisters are not conventional models. Kyra and Evie, better knowns as The Evans Girls, are eight and six years old, and live in Merthyr Tydfil in the Welsh valleys. Photographer TomJohnson meet the amazing "ginger head" duo while working with stylist Charlotte James in her hometown, staying with her family and friend and shooting for Merthyr Rising, a personal project celebrating the strong characters and vibrant community of theex-mining town.


Kyra and Evie are the daughters of one of James’s school friendsand, on meeting them, Johnson was immediately impressed by their close and strong relationship. He asked them to be the protagonists of a fashion shoot, launching the project to the biannual Pylot magazine. “They were really special to photograph" said Tom. "They have a sisterly bond which I’ve never seen the likes of before. They like to play fight, finish each others’ sentences; their manner and humour is beyond their years.”

 The styling aimed to reinterpret the women in Welsh national dress, with florals and layers in a mix of vintage clothes and comfortable pieces. The result is a super natural ease that perfectly reflects Kyra and Evie attitude.

 This is more than an editorial. A rare fashion stories begin in the Welsh valleys.


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