Romanian photographer and visual aritist Dan Cretu has made a name for himself and went viral on social media - especially on Instagram - by recreating fruits and vegetables into recognizable objects. A couple of oranges turn into a bike, cucumber is used for building a camera and popcorn transforms to a smiling face. 'The challenge is to transform a common object that we don't notice anymore into something unusual, alive, and appealing”, told the 31years old artist who lives in Bucharest, capital city of Romania.


Now Dan is back with another awesome project that will make the difference for sure. With “Present Preoccupations of Ancient Statues” he presents a series of amazing photomontages, bringing together ancient statues and contemporary elements of our society.  The result is a playful series of unlikely situations like a Venus de Milo attempting to take elevator or barely grabbing the last subway.


Let’s meet Dan!

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