Shanghainese design studios Wutopia lab presents a very unconventional idea of bookstore with this new one located on the second floor of an atrium mall in an office tower in Suzhou’s new central business district. The Zhongshuge project (the name literally means ‘love book pavillion’, though it also references the name of the owner’s daughter) is divided into four main areas and several subdivided zones: the sanctuary of crystal for new arrivals, the cave of fireflies for recommendations, the xanadu of rainbows for reading room and the castle of innocence for children books.

Far away from a static experience with uniform rows of books, good lighting and not much else, this Chinese modern library shows a technicolor art through a metal rainbow made of pre-fabricated transparent acrylic shelves in soft pastel colours with shade of pink, red and green outstanding the presence of the books. Using glass bricks, mirrors and acrylic, the room is a shining white space, luring customers into the heart of the store. Following the transparency and lucidity of the sanctuary of crystal space, the cave of fireflies is a darker tunnel connecting the main hall and the entrance.

Thin legged reading tables and low-slung chairs provide convenient browsing perches, whilst the children’s zone comprises 3D cut-outs of residential porches, all clustered around a dark dome lit with optical fibres to create the illusion of a night-sky.

Enjoy the reading.

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