Spanish art collective Boa Mistura, composed of five graffiti rockers, has organized an urban art project named Luz nas Viela, giving a favelain Sao Paulo, Brazil, a multicolor metamorphosis. The multidisciplinary art collective based in Madrid develops its work mainly in the public space (South Africa, USA, UK,Brazil, Mexico, Georgia, Algeria, Norway, Serbia and Panamá) and uses graffiti with the mission of connecting communities. “We understand our work as a tool to transform the street and to create bonds between people” tell the artistic team. We feel are sponsibility with the city and time we are living in”.

The latest ongoing project, Luz nas Vielas - first initiated back in 2012 - takes place in Brasilandia to simplify the spacial complexity of the favela focusing on bright colors (yellow, green, purple, red) and the technique of anamorphosis to generate a single canvas across the buildings. Words like stability, beauty, pride, love and strenght are painted on the walls to perfectly describe the daily life of the residents. “We like to feel the place, talk with the local people, breath the atmosphere and be inspired before start working,” said Boa Mistura. “When you make a street intervention it is linked to a particular place and you need to have dialogue with the environment”.

The most interesting aspect of the process is that residents and artists are working as one and people are involved to make the change possible under one color field. Everyone knows life is not easy in these places. Municipal authorities don’t care about the outskirts and media always shares negative messages. “But favela does not have to be a synonym with violence, because life in this place is more intense and real”, say the urban artists. “There is no purest and most sincere poetry than the one that comes from the favela”.

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