What Haikure says, it is

Even though sustainability has always been a great part of Haikure’s identity, it's been difficult to showcase the value of it in such a contaminated industry like fashion. There's little progress and it's not easy to change "the game."

But on the contrary, Federico Corneli, CEO of Haikure, has always taken a different road far from the traditional one - trying to give integrity to Haikure’s philosophy, and its “Made in Italy” supply chain, more than anything else. 

Now more than ever we must listen and answer to the many questions of our consumers about the quality, craftsmanship and the environmental impact of our products”, Corneli admits.

The reason why the brand has always stood out within the competition is because of its careful attention to transparency and consumer’s education, in addition to a precise research of organic and innovative materials.

To continue with this ethical journey, Haikure decided to collaborate alongside Provenance: an independent London-based organisation that offers a software-as-a-service platform for transparency with integrity. The platform enables Haikure to bring the supply chain and the impact behind our products to shoppers and buyers. The approach to this transparency is supported by the Provenance Transparency Framework, which provides guidance on the certifications and data needed to back up our sustainability impact.

The partnership aims to educate consumers, leading them to understand all the phases related to the production processes of 9 selected items of the SS21 collection, presented for the first time on the new digital B2B platform accessible from July, and physically available in local and international boutiques from February 2021. 

In this way, buyers and final consumers have both the possibility to view the product journey of the items by scanning the QR codes on the external labels.