Transforming the good to make it unique

Second Life” is a new chapter of Haikure's history dedicated to recycling. The project aims to regenerate and reinvent stocked products from past seasons to abolish waste and create a new type of business dedicated to the circular economy.

Haikure, together with its suppliers, undertakes a careful and constant research on methods, techniques and activities, ensuring a low environmental impact by minimising the use of energy, water and raw materials.

The first chapter Chapter #1 of this project collects and regenerates a selection of women’s and men’s denim pieces subjecting them to a work of re-dyeing and renewal. Haikure manages and work these items by reworking them in such a way that maintains a high quality of the fabric and an excellent fit. The first stage of processing requires a light laser printing which replaces the traditional printing that usually requires energy and the use of chemicals. This time, the technique that Haikure uses to dye the denim is an innovative foam method that does not require the use of water and reduces energy consumption by more than 60% compared to the conventional tinting process. Foam dying completely replaces the water tanks and chemical baths of the traditional process.

For this reason we have cut the costs and the use of natural resources such as:




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