The ‘next normal’ in the fashion industry we’ll see in the future.


Times are changing after COVID-19 crisis. Brands are moving towards more sustainable fabrics and manufacturing methods. Consumers have become even more engaged in sustainability topics. Are you ready for a makeover?

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Another fact, shopping for pre-owned items is on the rise. The secondhand market is expected to hit $64 billion by 2024 with online secondhand shopping continues to see strong growth. With more consumers looking to purchase previously worn items, fashion brands must create pieces with longevity and that can last beyond a single owner.

Another biggest Covid-19 changement in fashion will be simplifying, both in styles and delivery. Many brands used to create multiple collections a year with fashion drops landed months before customers were ready to wear them. This scheduling created waste and a huge amount of clothing produced. Coming back at two collections per year (spring/summer and fall/winter) will put customers at the center by creating pieces when people will actually be shopping for them.

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Also trends will also become more simplified. Many brands focus their new collection on comfortable loungewear and clothing that works for sleeping and living instead of stylish items. People are working from home and use social distancing so clothing will likely stay simple and comfortable even for the upcoming years.

In conclusion, simplifying is the next normal. Fashion industry will save not only money but precious resources for the environment.