Dedicated to the Planet

The World’s Environment Day, first held in 1974, represents the United Nations’ call to take environmental action, acknowledging the environment issues concerning the planet like global warming, pollution, wastes, and more and more.

Fortunately there are things though that certainly light up some faith in the future: new generations like millennials, Z and Alpha are way more aware than older generations and very much active on the environment front. More and more new realities, technologies, new jobs are being born as we speak that aim for a future where nature is well respected, supported and not exploited like it is now.

The newest generations are sometimes called “the Greta generation” referring to the crucial influence that the presence of Greta Thunberg had on the world as we know it today.

Greta is the one who started the School Strike for Climate movement and is carrying the essential fight against climate change.

When interviewed by The Times she introduces herself like this: “I have several diagnosis, among others asperger syndrome and that makes me think a bit different from everyone else, I see things very much black and white. The climate crisis is, in some ways, black and white. Either we stop the emissions of we don’t, either we prevent setting off an irreversible chain reaction beyond human control or we don’t. There are no grey areas when it comes to survival.”

And again “I want to do everything I can because it is my moral duty to do everything I can. But also when I grow up I want to be able to look back and say that I did everything I could.”

These words of Greta Thunberg mark the sentiment that is most likely shared by thousands and thousands of young people throughout the world. They are realising there is no plan B, that this planet is our only home and it’s everything we got, hence our responsibility to take care of it.
“It’s very important that this movement is led by young people because we are the ones who are going to live with this crisis in the future.”
For what concerns the fashion world, luckily things are changing too. To use Greta’s words again: “Humanity is now standing at a crossroads, we must now decide which path we want to take”.
Fashion is definitely starting to move fast on a new path: more and more designers and professionals of mostly every field involved are starting to work toward a more sustainable world.

Haikure’s project with Provenance is a perfect example of “fashion activism”.
In order to reduce the environmental impact, so reducing the usage of water and selecting only organic materials, the Haikure team is focused everyday on finding new and more comfortable ways to make zero-impact fashion.
The transparency project Haikure started with Provenance also aims to raise awareness on how every single action counts. Even the way we take care of a single pair of jeans is having an impact on the planet,
so what would happen if everyone makes a small effort?

This is what the whole Haikure philosophy is all about.

2NDLIFE is the following sustainable project led by Haikure and essentially consists in a re-work of older collections’ garments to obtain a unique and special “new collection” inspired by the past yet totally new and fresh. This is in terms of fashion, but in terms of sustainability Haikure team was able to take another step forward reducing the consumption of materials with a drop all about creativity and trends.

So there can’t be an answer yet to the question: are we going to manage to live in a cleaner future? But it is crucial that we all remember that every small action counts and everyone can make a difference.