HAIKURE is an Italian denim brand established in 2011, catering to both women and men with its collections. The brand epitomizes a laid-back and minimalist aesthetic while remaining abreast of the latest fashion trends. Design, transparency, and exclusivity stand as the fundamental values defining the brand.

The name “HAIKURE” draws inspiration from the Japanese poetic form “haiku,” renowned for its simplicity and connection to nature. This name reflects the brand’s ethos of resilience, purity, and forward-thinking.

Rooted in the expertise of its parent company,
C&S Srl, a prominent manufacturer serving luxury
& contemporary international brands since 1981, HAIKURE boasts a rich heritage and deep knowledge
in the industry.

Haikure advocates for a new lifestyle where fashion trends and transparency seamlessly intersect, embodying the essence of the brand’s emerging ethos. Within a short span, Haikure has established itself as one of the most innovative players in the global denim fashion arena, propelled by its ambition and unwavering commitment to excellence.